About Us

New York Hebrew is a unique Pre-K - 8th Grade after-school educational program in the heart of Chelsea, Flatiron and Gramercy Park.

Our program is distinctive: we aim to develop students’ inner strength throughout every process. Children regularly take part in activities to develop their framework of values, developing a robust backbone of authentic Jewish warmth and pride. Every carefully-selected staff member exemplifies Jewish ideals, providing students with a living representation of life lived with purpose, acceptance and positivity.

The academic excellence of our outstanding Judaic and Hebrew language program is highly acclaimed. The curriculum impels students to discover novel ideas, gaining the potential to appreciate Jewish heritage in the original. We ensure that children on every level gain and succeed, creating an atmosphere of growth and achievement.

Not just a school, New York Hebrew has developed into a vibrant community for young families living in Lower Manhattan, filled with camaraderie and strong friendships. Indeed, we are proud of our reputation as ‘Trendsetter’ in the realm of creative Jewish education.