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What is the NYH High Volunteer Program?

New York Hebrew High imbues students with a metamorphic sense of purpose through discovery of their heritage, giving them a setting in which to make a powerful difference in another’s life.

Why should I volunteer?

Our volunteer program empowers, motivates, and transforms our graduates. We believe that every person has their own unique contribution to make. New York Hebrew High allows past students the opportunity to capitalize on their passion, knowledge, and distinctive talents by helping others. Giving of yourself to others is revolutionary; no longer a follower, you are now a leader. That is one the most meaningful life choices you can ever make.

Do current students gain from the volunteering program?

Of course! Volunteers at NYH High work hand in hand with our dedicated and professional staff, ensuring that standards are kept at the high level we believe in. However, children will always gain immeasurably from interaction with a role model of their peers who is well on their way to catalyzing real growth around them.

As a volunteer, what are my responsibilities?

Every NYH High volunteer joins the NYH family. This means that you are responsible for maintaining the high level of dedication, caring, and professionalism that is our hallmark. The exciting decision to volunteer should be made with your full acceptance of these responsibilities.

It is important to note that leaves of absence must be communicated to our office a minimum of one week prior.

The Extras - Discover NYC!

NYH High members take part in our four amazing annual trips to the New York City area. These trips focus on giving back to the Jewish community, whether through a visit to to a local senior citizen home, a day with children of special needs, all in a spirit of discovery and adventure. Every visit will be carefully curated to offer a fascinating and exciting experience.

In addition, all NYH High volunteers come together monthly for a D&D (Dinner and Discussion), with kosher pizza ordered into the school from the finest NYC kosher establishments.

Community Hours

Tuesdays 3:45 - 5:45 PM