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Our Staff

Our Staff


New York Hebrew prides itself on its dedicated team of staff. Our teachers and volunteers are hand-picked for their warmth, passion and desire to impart their love and knowledge of Judaism to their students.

Recognizing that Hebrew School is an academic after-school program, our teachers endeavor to create an engaging, hands-on learning environment to stimulate and inspire every child.

Rabbi and Mrs Gillie Shanowitz

Born and raised in Los Angeles, CA Rabbi Mendy Shanowitz studied in Rabbinical schools in New York, Israel, and California, has studied under the direction of Rabbi Ezra Schochet, one of the greatest Jewish scholars in our times and received his Rabbinical ordination from Rabbi Yitzchak Hendel - former Chief Rabbi of the Chabad community in Montreal, Canada.

Renowned for his warm personality and communication, He has traveled on rabbinical tours throughout the United States and the Caribbean Islands and has spent over 10 years in the educational field. He also serves as the Director of MyShliach overseeing the education of thousands of children around the world.

Gillie Shanowitz otherwise known as 'Morah Gillie' was born and raised in New York, NY and received her degrees in education and teaching at the Bais Chana Seminary in Tzfas, Israel. Gillie has traveled the world directing summer camps and school programs in places like Brazil, Denmark, Vilna, Sweden and across the USA.

As co-director of New York Hebrew, Gillie's attention to details as well as the pursuit of educational excellence has brought Judaism alive and full of meaning and excitement for our students, Gillie is a proud mother of 4, delivers numerous classes, is the co-founder of the Kids Challah Bake, and offers personal guidance and support to the community.

Morah Shayna
Kitah Gan (Kindergarten) and Gan Gramercy
Morah Devorah Leah
Kitah Gan (Kindergarten) and Safateinu
Morah Dobie
Kitah Gan (Kindergarten)
Morah Fruma
Kitah Aleph - First Grade and Aleph Gramercy
Morah Raizel
Kitah Aleph, First Grade
Morah Leeba
Kitah Bet, Second Grade
Morah Ilana
Kitah Bet, Second Grade
Morah Mussie
Kitah Gimmel, Third Grade and Bar and Bat Mitzvah
Morah Tal
Kitah Gimmel, Third Grade

Morah Leah
Kitah Daled, Fourth Grade
Morah Brocho
Kitah Daled, Fourth Grade 
Morah Leah
Kitah Hei, Fifth Grade
Morah Chanchie
Kitah Hei, Fifth Grade and Aleph Bet Chefs (Pre K)

Morah Sarah